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The Champion's Code - Dante Gebel

The Champion's Code - Dante Gebel

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 This new revised edition of, "The Champion Code" is for people who are not satisfied with their spiritual lives. It is for people who are unique, dedicated and radical.

"You can prevent me from being a preacher with credentials, but I will be a preacher of the heart. You can't stop my encouragement, you can't stop a hurricane. I will always be there.

You should choose, if you want a colleague preacher…or a thorn in your foot." This phrase that imitates the speech by Dr. Patch Adams, exemplifies the revolutionary spirit in this book. Dante Gebel is known in the Hispanic world as a preacher able to transport his listeners to the most fascinating stories and to take them from laughter all the way to tears. "Champion Code" has the essence of these messages, added to these bright stories that challenge your life. This is a book written specially with passion, dedicated to all those that suffer "holy dissatisfaction", or like the author says those that want double portions of spiritual ambition.

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